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Newton’s third law of motion applied to Christmas cards.

I used to love physics when I was in high school, there was not much that could compare with the satisfaction of dappling with ridiculous hypotheticals that included throwing pigs into a vacuums and applying theories that stemmed from the … Continue reading

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I was trawling Tumblr (as one does) and happened upon these amazing photographs of a global art project called ‘Dispatchwork’ by Jan Vormann. Jan uses childlike whimsy to brighten up public spaces by sealing fissures in broken walls worldwide with … Continue reading

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Project ‘Fantasie Impromptu’

We have recently acquired a digital piano, making  our little flat the official cultural epicenter of our complex. My lovely fiancé is somewhat of a piano savant and hearing the beautiful notes waft through the place creates a beautiful and … Continue reading

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I heart Wes Anderson

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a total Wes Anderson groupie. His signature retro styling together with the deadpan actor antics are the milk to my Oreos. It seems that I am not the only … Continue reading

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