Persian carpet.

Pie and I seem to have started our very own tradition; eating breakfast at Thyme on Nicol once every weekend. The food is just so yummy and very well priced! (I love their goji pear juice) Anyway, after having a lovely breakka there we were on our way home and happened to drive past an auction in Athol Square. Curiosity got the better of us and before we knew it, we were holding a paddle. Needless to say it wasn’t long before we were carrying our very own ENORMOUS 12 square meter Persian carpet to the car. Pie is still having heart palpitations about the whole business… It is just so beautiful, and suffice to say our place feels like a home now.


About vocationalgirl

I am a strategic planner, neurotic wordsmith and art lover with a penchant for anything digital- my forte being digital marketing. I love that this field encompasses both creativity as well as a thorough understanding of data analytics- it is a true social science that bases company revenue on modeling client behavior in the online space, looking at means to optimize conversion and effectively modifying behavior. I am a perpetual executive student, and am currently in the midst of completing my MBA at the top rated business university in Africa (GIBS). My academic interests include: Increasing social mobility in emerging markets through technology. The ekphrasic relationship between abstract expressionist art and poetry. French feminist theory and its applications for women working in male gendered roles. Skills: Digital strategic planning Conversion optimization Web Analytics Digital media strategy Project management Writing and editing
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One Response to Persian carpet.

  1. kim23 says:

    wow…your Persian carpet is absolutely gorgeous! a great deal, Carmen! Your place will surely feel like a home now! thanks for this sharing!

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