I lost the plot a little…(my pen too!)

First thing’s first; I’d like to apologise for my bout of melancholy before, I attribute this miniature breakdown/ existential crisis (lets not put a label on it ;p ) to the Philosophy of David Hume- David, if you’re reading this, take a bow why don’t ya. No really, I insist.

Nonsense aside, lets give the limelight to whimsy shall we…

Ode to my Lost Pen.

My spindly friend;
So forgetful,
Yet so necessary.

Lost when I needed you most,
Or perhaps most needed when lost.

Now what am I to do?
But borrow another you.


About vocationalgirl

I am a strategic planner, neurotic wordsmith and art lover with a penchant for anything digital- my forte being digital marketing. I love that this field encompasses both creativity as well as a thorough understanding of data analytics- it is a true social science that bases company revenue on modeling client behavior in the online space, looking at means to optimize conversion and effectively modifying behavior. I am a perpetual executive student, and am currently in the midst of completing my MBA at the top rated business university in Africa (GIBS). My academic interests include: Increasing social mobility in emerging markets through technology. The ekphrasic relationship between abstract expressionist art and poetry. French feminist theory and its applications for women working in male gendered roles. Skills: Digital strategic planning Conversion optimization Web Analytics Digital media strategy Project management Writing and editing
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