Pre-Christmas lethargy and some bugs.

Ok, so am feeling somewhat better since my last post. Which is probably why such a considerable amount of time has passed…
Sorry clearly I’m not too hot at this blogging thing.

There is an overwhelming sense of lethargy in Cape Town at the moment. I think it’s due to to the fact that the mall Christmas decorations have been up for 2 months now; so technically speaking, we’re bombarded subliminally for about 85 days before the big day.
No wonder I’m a mad hooligan shopper girl that drastically overspends and decorates willy-nilly as soon as I’m set free from the throes of work. But until the sweet release of leave, here I stew in the thickening pot of lethargy, resistance and what seems to be some kind of bug. Yes, you heard me right the glamorous magazine is infested with invisible bugs- we’re all being bitten it’s not just a bout of schizophrenia on my part. I feel myself twitching and paranoid whenever I feel anything/nothing- as attractive as red itchy bumps are, I think I’ll pass…

I am unbelievably glad that it’s Friday- I think I’ve been conditioned to feel this way like Pavlov’s dogs- so I’m just going to go with the rush of endorphines that come with Fridays and enjoy them. Also I’m going to the beach for sundowners. 🙂


About vocationalgirl

I am a strategic planner, neurotic wordsmith and art lover with a penchant for anything digital- my forte being digital marketing. I love that this field encompasses both creativity as well as a thorough understanding of data analytics- it is a true social science that bases company revenue on modeling client behavior in the online space, looking at means to optimize conversion and effectively modifying behavior. I am a perpetual executive student, and am currently in the midst of completing my MBA at the top rated business university in Africa (GIBS). My academic interests include: Increasing social mobility in emerging markets through technology. The ekphrasic relationship between abstract expressionist art and poetry. French feminist theory and its applications for women working in male gendered roles. Skills: Digital strategic planning Conversion optimization Web Analytics Digital media strategy Project management Writing and editing
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